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We offer a host of consulting services. We often run into cases where there is an existing advisor, and clients want a second opinion. This is where our consulting services come in. We can either work with your advisor on your behalf or we can provide our analysis and work with you directly until case completion and beyond. 

This works great when you don’t want to displace your current agent but you want to “test the waters”

  • Underwriting: maybe you haven’t gotten the best result from underwriting. Let us take over and see if we can’t improve your offer using our world class underwriting team!
  • Advanced Case Design: Our team will design the case for you from the ground up, interfacing with any of your existing team members (attorneys, CPA’s etc.)
  • Third Party Review: Has your advisor showed you a plan of insurance? We provide third party audits to ensure that you are getting the best advice possible. This involves a detailed breakdown of the case parameters and ensuring that the products chosen are right for you.

And more!: There are literally endless options that can apply here. If you think you may have something for us to look at, don’t hesistate! Email us today!

Let us take a look at your retirement options. We have multiple strategies such as qualified plan/pension maximization, hedging for retirement, tax-free retirement planning, long term care insurance, and more! Our advanced design department will analyze your retirement options and provide you with an in-depth look at your options and how we can help you have a smoother retirement!
  • Qualified Plan/Pension Max: We provide options for you to take the higher income option on your pension and still protect your family in the future by utilizing our planning techniques.
  • Hedging for Retirement: Let us show you the effects of selling stocks at a loss in retirement. We provide you with a better option – a “hedge” against the stock market falling by using cash value life insurance and our non stock market correlated options. This can result in massive increases in your retirement portfolio so long as you properly plan ahead. We can show you how!
  • Tax-Free Retirement Planning: This speaks for itself – we show you how you can properly plan for a retirement that is (mostly) tax-free
  • Long Term Care Planning: This piece of your retirement portfolio is only becoming even more important as the cost of long term care continues to increase. Let us show you how to avoid the dangers of self-insuring!
We have a very large amount of experience in the business owner space. We help business owners and their employees find the right solution for them. We even have access to some proprietary planning techniques that allow business owners to defer a large portion of their taxes! Some of our other areas of expertise are: buy-sells, exit planning, buy outs, key man insurance, employee bonus plans, and more. We partner with some of the top attorneys and business consultants in the country to provide you with an impeccable level of support.

We can even provide business owners with a free business valuation – contact us today to find out more information on how we can help you

Policy Review

Why should you do a policy review?

  • Insurance products are constantly evolving and so are your needs. This constant state of change means that the policy you bought 10 or 20 years ago most likely isn’t performing how you need it to today.
  • Costs may have changed from when you bought the policy
  • To insure the policy is still getting you the best benefit from a price and underwriting standpoint


Starting in the late 2000’s, insurance policies have undergone a large transformation in the benefits that are offered. This means that you are most likely missing out on some of these great enhancements that have been added. It can be compared to an SUV versus a station wagon – they both carry 7 passengers, but the station wagon has become out of date. You don’t see anyone running out to buy a 1987 station wagon!

We will simply and objectively analyze your current insurance holdings and make recommendations for a course of action.

Our policy review service is a no obligation independent review. To start, contact us and let us know you want to learn more about the process

Life Settlements
Life insurance policies are an asset in your portfolio. Just like with any asset or investment, there are certain situations where the asset is no longer needed or the investment can’t continue to be funded. With a life settlement, we can provide exit options for clients with life insurance policies either no longer needed or for clients with an inability to continue paying premiums. Just because a policy may contain little to no cash value doesn’t mean that the value is low, quite the opposite actually. This even applies to term insurance policies. If you have a policy that you are thinking about relinquishing and are over the age of 60, or have had a change of health since you bought your policy, please contact us today. We have relationships with some of the top buyers in the industry and we will ensure you get the maximum settlement possible.
Charitable Giving
Oftentimes wealthy individuals give large annual gifts to Universities or charitable organizations they are involved with during their lifetime. Far too often however, these donors pass away early and the charities lose the support from that individual. We help charities and their donors develop strategies that will continue to benefit these organizations for years after their large donors pass away, while at the same time allowing the donor to create a legacy that will span generations.

Over the years we have developed large plans for charitable giving for various Universities and non-profits. These plans will result in those ogranizations receiving tens of millions of dollars when their valued donor passes away. For the donor, not only do they get to create a massive legacy, but they get to do so with tax-deductible dollars.

Contact us to find out more information on how we can help you design a lasting charitable giving plan

living benefits

Too often, life insurance is looked at as something that must be used only at death. Our goal is to change that. Whether it be the tax free income potential, or new policy features that allow you to have access to your death benefit under certain instances while you are living, Premier Life Strategies can help you identify the features that will help you and your family now AND later. 

These are a few of the various enhancements that are available to you with these new policy features:

  • Chronic/Critical Illness Riders: Should you have a chronic illness or critical illness that causes you to become disabled, you can “accelerate” your insurance benefit and take tax free cash! Even on a term insurance policy!

  • Long Term Care: There are policy features that allow you to accelerate your insurance benefit to allow you access to cash for your long term care needs.

  • Tax Free Retirement: Take your accumulated cash out in an income stream over a period of time, tax free!

  • Children’s Term: Add insurance on your children that will last for their lifetime

  • Charitable Giving: Leave a predetermined amount to charity of your choosing, over and above your purchased death benefit

College Funding
The college planning market is dominated by the traditional methods of planning (savings, 529 plans, etc.). While those are all good options, they lack the flexibility and tax treatment that other plans offer. We can show you some effective ways to protect your family from a loss of income (due to untimely death) while also allowing you to not only save for college, but to save for any of life’s events (children’s down payments, additions, cars, etc.), and the best part is that with limited exclusions, the money you accumulate can be accessed tax free!
Estate Planning
Estate planning is an art form, and while we would love to only focus on you owing zero estate taxes, there is much more to it than that. We want to make sure that three generations from now will be happy with the plan we enacted. If you already have estate attorneys, we will be happy to interface with your existing team. Should you not have a team yet, our staff can pair you with some of the best estate planning attorneys in the country. Our trusted relationships with these estate planning attorneys and CPA’s allows for us to introduce cutting edge estate techniques. If estate tax is not an issue, we can start with simple wills and trusts and make sure that your estate and or business is left as you want it for the next generation
Premium Financing

Premium Financing involves the loaning of premiums to pay for a life insurance policy. While you have plenty of assets to afford life insurance, you may have illiquid assets such as real estate or a closely held businessm, or an investment that is performing very well and you don’t want to exit. Premium financing can help you solve this dilemma. A loan is taken from a third party lender to enable you to pay premiums on your policy. This allows you to continue your investments without losing out on their appreciation, while also solving your protection issues. At a later date, the loan is exited either with cash from the life insurance policy or from the sale of your appreciated asset.

Just like estate planning, premium financing is most definitely an artform. Each and every case requires in depth analysis and design. Our team has years of experience in this space, and we work with the top lenders in the country to provide you with a best in class level of service.

…and more! Premier Life Strategies is at its core an advanced planning agency. Our advisors and our clients are guaranteed to get the most cutting edge techniques and case designs that are available in today’s market! Contact us today and experience The Premier Difference.