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Premier Life Strategies is proud to announce the launch of a new website, PLStrategies.com. The new site is now mobile optimized for an improved browsing experience. The new look allows for a better web interaction in a simpler, more modern fashion. A new portal is also available for advisors, accessible here. These new websites will allow for all of Premier's clients to have the best possible web experience. Premier Life also developed two new blogs. One for advisors only, and the other, Premierly Speaking, is entirely client and public oriented. This new blog will feature planning ideas, tools, case studies, and more.
"Education and understanding of life insurance are probably the biggest reasons we feel people are behind in their planning. If we can help even a few people cement their legacy, then this blog will be a complete success", said Barry Wirt, Jr., President of Premier Life Strategies.

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Blog posts will also be marketed on social media to continue to drive consumer awareness of what Wirt and PLS feel is a critical time for the insurance and legacy planning industry. "In addition, our customers can use our needs analysis to determine just how much life insurance they may need. We have also added tools to allow you to calculate retirement income needs, as well as run quotes to see how much the life insurance you need may cost", said Wirt.

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Premier is a family owned company with a long track record of success in the industry. We have decades of experience and our team of affiliated advisors has decades of experience as well. We assure that you will receive an unmatched level of service and expertise when you choose to work with Premier Life Strategies.  Premier Life Strategies offers solutions for all classes, from working class and middle class to upper class and beyond, with a primary focus on wealthy business owners and high net worth families. Primary product offerings include life insurance, annuities, long term care, and disability insurance. Bookmark the site and make sure to check back for the new updates!